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Release Date:
Rating: 5.7
Directed by
Tetsuro Kodama
Written by
Akira Toriyama, Toshio Furukawa
Based on
Masako Nozawa, Toshio Furukawa, Yûko Minaguchi, Ryô Horikawa, Aya Hisakawa, Mayumi Tanaka, Miki Itô, Takeshi Kusao, Aya Hirano, Ken Uo, Ryûzaburô Ôtomo, Kôichi Yamadera
Germany, United States of America, United Kingdom
Toei Company, 20th Century Studios, Fox International Productions
English, Français, Polski, Deutsch, svenska, Español, Pусский, български език, Italiano, Português, ozbek, 한국어/조선말, Slovenčina, ελληνικά, Український, Magyar, עִבְרִית, Nederlands, 普通话, Português, ქართული

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero arrives in US cinemas in style. The new movie by Goku and company shows that the world created by Akira Toriyama in the eighties still has a lot of life.

How to watch Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (2022) Full Movie surpassed Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

Although the Dragon Ball Super series pales before the classic Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z (including GT), it began a path of ascending quality that ended with a great last arc that was followed by two of the best films in the saga. Yes because, like Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is one of the best movies in the franchise, and considering that there are more than twenty, it's quite an achievement.

However, many will be surprised to learn that, unlike the last film, which focused almost exclusively on Goku, Vegeta and Broly, the three most powerful Super Saiyans leave the position to others this time. This does not lead to a film that is positioned as something minor, as a kind of spin-off or a very secondary plot of the saga, it tastes more like poetic justice.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Watch US these are their numbers at the box office after the first day

Yes, because the film is dedicated to giving him the place he always promised Piccolo and, above all, Gohan. From the beginning of Dragon Ball Z we were told that Gohan had more potential than Goku and although this climaxed against Cell, Gohan's pacifist intentions and little taste for battle and training turned him back into a secondary, Since then, Goku has been in charge of presenting the main battle with no more competition than Vegeta's.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero comes to fix that. He does so by letting Goku, Vegeta and Broly stay untraceable on Beerus' planet while Piccolo and Gohan have to sort out the ballot.

In case it had not been clear what nostalgia the film intends to awaken in us, Gohan's great rival will be Cell Max, a more powerful reconstruction of Cell, the enemy with which he reached his zenith as a fighter. But while we applaud this diversion, it's clear that many will be disappointed to see Vegeta and Goku relegated to almost mere cameos. Don't worry, that's what the post-credits scene is for.

At the beginning of the tape we see Goku and Vegeta training in front of Broly, Beerus and Weiss on a distant planet. Bulma will not be able to contact them, so they will spend the entire film oblivious to the danger that plagues their families, training.

In that little scene of the tape we see how Goku trains the body while Vegeta meditates. When Goku picks on Vegeta for not moving, he tells him that he is training his mind, that he learned from Jiren that greater KI control was essential for fighting. In the end, they both decide to fight until one of them falls to the ground and check which training was successful. We will not know more about them until the end of the tape.

Watch 'Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero': a hilarious delivery free that moves away from the usual formula

It is after the credits when we see Goku and Vegeta, exhausted, about to faint. However, this time it is Vegeta Akira Toriyama who gives the last punch and knocks Kakaroto (Goku) down before fainting.

Although it is a simple training, it is the first time that Vegeta manages to beat Goku. It is the culmination of all his years of fighting, of training to chase and reach his eternal rival and, although he does not admit it, his best friend. Vegeta wins in what is undoubtedly the most significant victory in the history of a character full of great battles ending in defeat, or in simple warm-ups for Goku's subsequent victory.

We know that he stayed on Earth for the sole purpose of training to surpass Goku. Also that he went so far as to admit that Goku was undoubtedly stronger when he was fighting Little Buu in Super Saiyan 3, a state that Vegeta was never able to achieve. With Super Saiyan Blue, Goku once again surpassed him by adding Kaioken.

So much so that Vegeta gave him the last forces he had left in the battle of the Universes so that it was Goku who defeated Jiren. Now, finally, after hundreds of chapters and dozens of movies, Vegeta defeats Goku. In a simple training, yes, but in a post-credits scene that is already the history of the saga. The story of the time Vegeta beat Goku.

The only reason no Dragon Ball series is on our list of 25 Anime Series You Should Watch is because we know you've already seen it. Who more or who less, whether it's Dragon Ball, Z, GT or Super, we've all seen Dragon Ball at some point. Goku throwing a kamehameha or gathering a Genki dama, Vegeta frowning or Piccolo being the forced father of all.

The ending of stream Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero explained (and its post-credits scene)

Dragon Ball is part of the lives of millions of people. As Porta said in his viral rap, if you didn't see it, you didn't have a childhood. Or maturity, because if you see her combing gray hair, nothing happens either. Yes, because after all Dragon Ball has been accompanying us since the 80s. Although at the beginning of the century it seemed that the adventures of Goku and company were already half finished, Super breathed new life into the saga and the truth is that both 'Dragon Ball Super: Broly', from 2018, like 'Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero', are two of the best films in the entire saga. And that is saying a lot considering that there are, depending on what we count or not, more than 25.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero arrives in Spanish theaters, already an international success that shows that the saga is still very much alive, and that both new and old generations of fans are still on the ship of Goku, Vegeta and company. However, the first thing we have to say about the tape is that his poster did not lie.

We will not go into spoilers, although we assume that you already know how commented certain new forms of their mythical characters have been on the internet. But we will say that this is not a Goku and Vegeta movie, mere secondary whose participation is limited to little more than a cameo and a post-credits scene that we advise you to stay.

This is the movie that Gohan and Piccolo deserved since Dragon Ball Z began, since 'The Silver Warriors' gave us the last true great fight of Goku's son. Ever since the beginning of Dragon Ball Z, ever since that furious headbutt on Raditz, we've been told that Gohan's fighting potential was superior to Goku's. However, his fighting instinct was just the opposite. After defeating Cell and Goku dying, Gohan abandoned his training and dedicated himself to living, getting married, taking care of his Pan's daughter and investigating. The most we had was that so-called "ultimate Gohan" in the fight against Buu, but everything was again an appetizer for the real fight, Goku's.

How long have we been talking about watch Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero? online A million years in the namekian calendar

Thus, the promise that Gohan would be the protagonist of Dragon Ball Z after being Goku of Dragon Ball was undone in the evidence of Goku's charisma. Everything was buried with that mythical battle of Gohan Super Saiyan 2 against Cell. Everything, until now.

The other great protagonist of the film is nothing more and nothing less than Piccolo. Possibly the most charismatic character of all the supporting characters in the saga who already deserved a central movie. His fans will have a great time with this film that gives more weight and surprises to the character than we might expect.

Goku, an absent and distracted father, never acted very well either as a teacher or as a father. That figure for Gohan was always that of the Namekian. One that we see in the first moments of the tape trained little Pan just as she did with Gohan. No matter how hard he plays, the Namekian is a piece of bread and Gohan and his family are his weakness.

The film, in case it is necessary to clarify it despite the title, is about superheroes, good and bad. And, although the Gan Saiyaman does not come out, that ridiculous alter ego of Gohan, the plot seems to be inspired as never before by his spirit.

Thus, leaving aside the pure saiyans (Goku, Vegeta and Broly) and their fighting spirit, their ambition based almost solely on being the strongest, 'Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero' relies on the heroes, on those like Gohan who wouldn't want to fight but they do it for the pure and simple call of justice.

The film is an epic tale full of funny moments, some quite bizarre, but also exciting. It is also a kind of reckoning with Gohan and Piccolo, two huge characters who seem never to want to be protagonists but who certainly deserve it. This time, despite themselves, the focus of the fight, the task of being the hero who saves the world, falls on them. And no, they do not disappoint.

Akira Toriyama's new stream franchise Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is a success in the United States

Now, as we know that you are going to look for it to remember that moment of your childhood that still gives you goosebumps today, here we leave it to you. That moment when Gohan managed to understand that fighting is okay sometimes.

Yesterday, September 1, was the preview of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero in Spain! The new film by Akira Toriyama and Toei Animation has come to our country to stay, and in just one day it has slipped into the top 2 of the Spanish box office. Almost nothing, and that the premiere as such is today!.

Like every fifteen days, we are back with a new video of the Akira Toriyama franchise, so taking advantage of the premiere of his new movie, we have marked what you see just below... Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero surpasses Broly , the predecessor film? I'll tell you everything, let's see what you think!.

As you have seen in the video, I have compiled all the information we have regarding the box office of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, both domestically in Japan and internationally. Interestingly, the tape is working much better outside of Japan, because where the real hit has been in the West.

At the moment, as we explain in the video, the film has exceeded 70 million dollars in revenue in the last few hours, fully amortizing its budget of 12.5 million dollars. However, it seems difficult that it exceeds the total collection of Broly, which exceeded 100 million zenies, I mean, dollars.

Global character that a theatrical release has when we haven't had anime for four years, Watch Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is what

In any case, as you have probably just left the cinema to see the film, we also leave you the direct link to our review, to see if you really agree with what is stated in our text. Did you like it as much as we did?.

A Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero happens a bit like it happened to Resident Evil a few years ago. The scale of what was happening was so great that when Capcom decided to release Resident Evil 7, it narrowed the focus to a specific area, far from the global apocalypse. With Goku and Vegeta fighting against the strongest not only in their universe, but in others, it is very difficult to give space to characters that have been left behind in projection, such as Gohan himself. Super Hero knows that, which arrives from the hand of Crunchyroll to our country and closes the objective, focuses on Earth and removes the usual protagonists from the equation. Risky, but attractive.

For this reason, and because of the global character that a theatrical release has when we haven't had anime for four years, the film is smart enough to prevent spoilers of what happens in the manga (transformations, living enemies) and to locate ourselves on our planet, with Piccolo and Gohan as protagonists and the return of the Red Ribbon as the great enemy.

Surely Super Hero does not have the unique charm at the story and narrative level of the first half of Broly (2018) nor the spectacular nature of the fights against the legendary saiyan, but he plays his cards very well in what, from a bird's eye view, seems a kind of remake of the android saga (Dragon Ball Z) and a return to a certain humorous and absurd essence made in Toriyama and that we will see in characters like Bulma, Gotenks or even some of the refounders of the Red Ribbon. There are names, memories and situations that are by and for the most staunch fan.

Super Hero introduced us in the trailers to two enemies, Gamma 1 and Gamma 2, with a particular design, who proclaim themselves superheroes and in which the explanation of their appearance is also very Toriyama (the naïf that is never lacking in the license). Both fight against Piccolo, against Gohan and it seems that they retain Pan, who is already beginning to stand out as a fighter. In the background, a much greater danger.

The new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Streaming changes protagonists and places Son Gohan back at the center

We said that it is a film that is going to feel comfortable as a family plan, fathers and mothers with their sons and daughters who can see on a giant screen this that they have surely instilled in them little by little at home. The plot is easy to follow, the rhythm is good, it has points of humor and it doesn't falter. but it is true that it doesn't invite the epic that we have seen in other recent films. Until the final part.

Because there Tetsuro Kodama (director) and his team keep several aces up their sleeve for a frenetic explosion of combats, attacks and surprises (which we hope you have not seen but the spoils have been the order of the day for weeks).

The film wants to recover Piccolo and Gohan, and, in part, it succeeds. Fans of Goku's son (in popularity he has almost always been the third) are in luck, because he fights, learns and shows his best skills together with a Namekian who will have his spectacular moment of glory. The doubts about what happens to them are more about how it happens than why. After all, we are in Dragon Ball and that the protagonists overcome adversity is the daily bread, but it is how certain changes are proposed that may make us raise our eyebrows. What will undoubtedly be more divisive for the longtime fan we didn't like it too much - is what the synopsis defines as "a much greater danger".

Thus, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero ends up being a movie that lays some interesting foundations for the future not only with Piccolo and Gohan, but also with Trunks and Goten who are already teenagers, although they are still not taken seriously. In Dragon Ball Z, Goku told Piccolo that the future of the earth should be in the hands of these youngsters. Many, and not just Goku himself, have forgotten this in the years we've been in Super.

The Dragon Ball Dai Budokai book, the full-color encyclopedia of Goku's video games, watch is now available! And often precious!

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 joins the premiere of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero and announces the arrival of the android Gamma 2 as a playable character and a couple of DLC packs focused on the new film in the history of Akira Toriyama: Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Pack Set. The new character that we have mentioned will be available starting in the fall and the rest of the first DLC will arrive soon. The second package does not yet have any set release date, so we will have to wait for future news. However, first we will have to focus on Gamma 2, which will be the next great fighter in one of the longest-running Dragon Ball games that we can find today on consoles.

with a series of skills that will certainly put the most powerful characters in the game on the ropes. Those responsible for Dragon Ball Xenovere 2 have not communicated which will be the next playable characters that we will have available, but they will undoubtedly be the most prominent in this new feature film, which is the fifth best anime premiere in the history of the United States. Two more characters are missing for this first pack, and it is expected that the second will also add another three following the same scheme.

Akira Toriyama, creator of the legendary 'Dragon Ball' saga, has finally seen the latest movie in the saga, 'Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero' and called it "incredible."

Despite the fact that the production arrived in theaters in Japan in June, and that the mangaka has participated in part of its development, Toriyama has just managed to see the final result and is more than satisfied.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero stream clicks at the box office and One Piece Film Red sweeps. The feature film of the Akira Toriyama

It seems that Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 does not get tired of receiving content. We say this because it is confirmed that you will soon receive news related to Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO, the latest Dragon Ball movie.

What happens is that, for fear of a breakthrough, Bandai Namco confirmed that Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 will receive DLC based on Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO. It is a downloadable content divided into 2 packages. The first of these will arrive in the fall of 2020 and will add 3 playable characters.

At the moment all the content that Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 based on Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO will receive is unknown. The only thing that is a fact is that one of its characters will be Gamma 2, one of the androids created by the Red Patrol and which is one of the main characters of the saga.

Akira Toriyama talks about Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero and its success

At the moment it is unknown who will be the rest of the characters in this DLC based on Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO. Most likely it is one of his main villains or one of Gohan and Piccolo's new forms.

What do you think about this new? Are you glad that Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is still getting downloadable content? Tell us in the comments.

5 6/ 10stars
Rating: IMDb  / 8.5

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